Marc Edward is one of skin care's rising stars. His facials have been voted Los Angeles's best, and he's scored features in magazines like Glamour and New Beauty; he even has his own product line. So I was glad to get a few minutes to pick his brain about spa care. He let me in on the newest skin care tech, what facials actually work best, and what kind of treatments you absolutely shouldn't try at home. To get the scoop, just keep reading.

Is there a big takeaway you try to give people when caring for their skin?

By the age of 30, collagen and elastin are reducing by one percent a year. You have to use antioxidants, you have to use SPF, and you have to start doing some exfoliating treatments, like a light peel or microdermabrasion. The more antioxidants you can eat and put on your skin, the better the health of your skin.

What kind of facial do you think is most beneficial?
I find that an exfoliating facial is best, because if you only do a cleansing facial, it isn't going to stimulate collagen production. There are certain machines on the market now that are great, like DermaSweep. It uses these little bristles to sweep up the dead skin cells.


So it's like the Clarisonic brush?
It sounds like the Clarisonic brush, but it's not. Clarisonic uses sound waves, but DermaSweep uses a vacuum. You can also infuse a treatment into it, so you can infuse an antioxidant serum or a hydrating serum, an acne treatment if you have acne — you can basically use it to improve any skin condition you're worried about, with the exfoliation that stimulates collagen at the same time. It's easier than a peel, because you just go back to work afterward and don't worry about it.

What kind of treatments shouldn't people try at home?

They shouldn't be using harsh acid on their skin. People are going on eBay and buying professional-strength acid, thinking they're going to give themselves a treatment at home. And there's a reason we have to be licensed to use this stuff. So they do it and get horribly burned. You go to a facialist because we know how to use acid so that you don't get burned — you just get good exfoliation and help with your blemishes and sun damage.