For Valérie Grandury, necessity is the mother of invention. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she drastically changed her lifestyle. In addition to switching to a raw food diet, she began reading about carcinogenic chemicals in some cosmetics. She began making her own organic skincare products, and the end result is Odacité.

The high-end skincare line is made with organic plant ingredients such as lavender, shea butter, calendula, and white tea extract. What it isn't made with: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, or fragrance. Because the line isn't carried in stores, the products are produced as they're ordered. Each one is labeled with a "Freshiency" date that explains when the product was made and when its ingredients will begin to degrade.

For some thoughts on the line's performance, keep reading.

Odacité sent a few sample products, and after using them for about a month, here's my opinion. This line is best for mature or dry/sensitive skin, simply because it's incredibly gentle. The Beautiful Day Moisturizer ($95) absorbs into skin quickly, and it provides moisture without feeling even the slightest bit greasy. I really liked the jojoba beads exfoliant, which buffs away dull skin cells without stripping moisture.

My skin is oily and acne-prone, so the other products weren't the right ones for me. That doesn't mean they're bad — just that they aren't the right fit for my skin type. For instance, the rejuvenating cleanser ($45) is very soothing, but it didn't remove the grease slick from my forehead. I wouldn't recommend Odacité if you have acne, but if you're looking for a nontoxic luxury line for dry or mature skin, it's worth a look.