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The Skinny on Spa Upgrades

There's nothing quite as relaxing as settling in for a spa treatment. That is, until your esthetician introduces the upsell. "Your facial would be so much more effective if you added on this mud mask," she might say. "It's just 25 dollars." And so you're lying naked under a sheet, worried that without the mud mask you'll be left with less-than-perfect skin, and you don't want to be awkward...

I truly dread the upsell. Even though some add-ons are worthwhile, others are just so-so, and they can easily make your total bill skyrocket. That's why I was excited to run across these opinions on whether certain spa add-ons are worth the expense. Microdermabrasion and paraffin wax treatments are generally considered worth the extra cost, whereas aromatherapy is deemed a waste of money. I agree, especially on aromatherapy; most spa products have a pleasing scent of their own, and dropping extra cash to sniff happily seems unnecessary.

So, how do you politely turn down add-ons that you're not interested in? For a few suggestions,


If you're not interested in upgrading your experience, here are a few ways to turn it down politely:

  • Keep it simple: "Thank you, but I'm happy with the treatment I've scheduled."

  • Give yourself time: "I think I'll pass for now, but I'll keep it in mind for my next appointment."

  • Go the direct route: "I appreciate the offer, but I'm not interested today."


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