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Smart, Easy Eyeliner Tricks

Ingenius Bella Readers' Best Eyeliner Tricks

Bella readers are a clever bunch. Over the weekend, I asked you to contribute your favorite eyeliner trick, and you delivered. We have some very savvy commenters, so to see some great eyeliner advice, just keep reading.

  • Feel the heat: I started the conversation by saying that my favorite trick is to hold my liner pencil over a flame to soften it up, but Julsiesf did me one better by pointing out that "you can also use a hair dryer and get the same results."
  • Waterline: Cupcake4491 says that she likes using white eyeliner along her waterline to waken up the eyes. As for KateOliveAnonymous, she likes waterlining where you apply your liner under the lashes, "where it enhances your eyes but can't be seen, instead of on top of the lash where it's obvious."
  • Crazy for kajal: Always astute Postmodernsleaze suggests kajal. "You can find it at Indian/Pakistani stores, and it's so much better than other eyeliners, even those that call themselves kajal," she says. Since, as Daisy 23 points out, some illegally imported kajals contain lead, it's important to buy a legitimate, recognized brand; Postmod recommends Shahnaz Husain.
  • Staying smudge-free: Chloedevante has several smart tips, saying, "I always put a black eye shadow (MAC's Carbon) over the top of my eyeliner to prevent smudging. Also, if my eyeliner ever does smudge, I take a Q-tip with a bit of concealer or liquid foundation and apply it over the smudge to get rid of the excess."
  • Low is not the way to go: Alexandra0926 explains she simply just doesn't use eyeliner or mascara on the lower part of the eye.
  • Go bold: Babeyqpid creates bold liner look by priming and then smearing a thick black pencil (such as NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean) over her lid. "Then, I smooth out the roughness with an eye shadow brush dipped in a dark brown color. After that, I use a thin eyeliner to fill in sparse areas between my lashes and on my inner top lid and finish off with a coat of mascara," she says.
  • Smoky for daytime: For a smoky look that works for everyday wear, take Smiley27's advice. She starts by lining her eyes with black liner, concentrating the color to the outer corners. She then uses a subtly shimmery brown/bronze/gold pencil to line the inner corners to the middle of her eyes, blending to finish.

Source: Flickr User melloveschallah

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