Smashbox Fall 2008 Wicked Lovely makeup collection
Smashbox Gets Wicked Lovely For Fall

Smashbox wants us to think of the naughty/nice paradigm with its new collection, Wicked Lovely, but instead, I keep thinking of Boston slang.

Annnnyway: Smashbox's Fall collection is out on the early side, and as you'd expect, the mood is more intense than that of Summer makeup. But don't be fooled by the Siouxsie Sioux bent of the ad campaign; although there are dark cherry lip glosses and sooty eye shadows for smoldering looks, there are plenty of lighter color options for a softer style. I'm looking forward to checking out this cream liner set ($32), which includes three cream liners and a sparkling pewter powder. Sounds promising — if potentially messy. Do you like the looks of this? Or is it too vampy?

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