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Smith and Cult Nail Polish

Introducing Smith & Cult, a Sassy-Sweet New Nail Polish Line

Smith and Cult Nail Polish

In the mid-'90s, Dineh Mohajer mixed two lacquer shades together to create a powder-blue nail polish ("Sky") that matched her Charles David sandals. And as the story goes, Hard Candy cosmetics and its premiere color were born. The brand developed a cult following, including actress-of-the-moment Alicia Silverstone, but after Mohajer sold it to LVMH in 1999, the label became more mass and lost some of its underground roots. After several more beauty ventures, Mohajer was ready to pour her heart into creating the perfect nail polish empire. This month, she achieves that with the arrival of Smith & Cult.

The name Smith & Cult is meant to express two sides within us: "Smith" is the good girl, "Cult" is the edgy one. Gorgeous, gold-hammered bottle caps reflect this as one side is smooth and pristine, the other side distinctly dented. The theme extends to a campaign dubbed Diary of a Beauty Junkie. There are 30 shades to start that include bold glitters, neutrals, neons, and everything in between, plus top and base coats. And for $18 a pop, they're a steal at high-end luxury shops like Net-a-Porter. Add in the fact that they're five-free (meaning no dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, and camphor), and the cool moms are happy as well.

Need any more convincing these will be your new salon staples? Just keep reading to see every dreamy color and learn (exclusively!) what inspired each kitschy, creative name. Plus, score styling tips on how to wear these fresh shades.

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