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Snap-On Smile Veneer Alternative

Would You Wear a Snap-On Smile?

If you've ever seen one of those baby beauty pageant shows, then you've probably noticed the "flippers" some little competitors wear to cover their missing baby teeth. Apparently, though, the denture-like faux smiles aren't just for small beauty queens — now even regular old adults can wear one.

The Snap-On Smile system (around $1,200) is basically just a denture you fit over your teeth that has a "perfect" row of pearly whites up front. So whenever you feel like you need a straight, white smile, you can just take it out of your pocket and pop it in. It's a little creepy, but I can also see the appeal. If you've had a history of dental problems, something like this could be helpful. Would you use one of these as a temporary fix, or would you just rather show everyone your natural teeth?

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