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Soap & Glory Comes Back to the US

Soap & Glory Bubbles Back Across the Pond

You may remember Soap & Glory as the brand at Target with all the cleverly tongue-twisting names and cute faux-retro packaging. If not, here's a quick rundown: S&G was created by Bliss Spa founder Marcia Kilgore in 2006, and it has the same sense of fun at much more accessible prices. "You shouldn't have to spend an arm and leg," Kilgore has said, "to moisturize one." Which is why when it disappeared off shelves a while back, lots of people who love both hammy jokes and beauty products were mightily displeased.

Now, though, anybody who was dis-soapified can put on a happy face, because the brand is coming back to the US. For the first time, it'll also have the entire line available in the States, so even longtime fans will get to see some brand-new stuff. You'll be able to find it on the shelves at Sephora by Sept. 16, and online even earlier on Aug. 16.

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JessRose JessRose 6 years
I think I still see a few random beat up S&G products collecting dust at the Targets... sad.
poudeez poudeez 6 years
Would've been nicer if they brought it back to Target.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
I'd have to triple-check, but the prices don't seem to be going higher than they were when the line was at Target.
Kamifornia Kamifornia 6 years
If it's coming to Sephora rather than Target that probably means higher price point. I'd rather just get Bliss then.
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