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The Solution Face Cream

The Solution's Founder Dishes on Skin Care

So, I had heard the buzz about a major multitasking face cream called, The Solution ($74). Forget your day and night creams, they said. Eye creams, serums, and makeup primers? Toss those out, too. You could say I was intrigued.

The lightweight cream is formulated from natural ingredients and contains antioxidants to lift, firm, hydrate, and promote radiant skin. In fact, the product is so pure, only natural preservatives are used, and the pump blocks out contaminants and oxygen, both of which can render ingredients less effective. Like all things, it takes weeks to see results. I'm still waiting for my wrinkles to go away (ha!), but I like how it adds a glow to my skin, especially under the eyes.

Last week, I chatted with the creator of this product, Kimberly Snyder, yoga teacher and living-food expert, who took two years to develop The Solution. Here's what she had to say:

Throughout all of your world travels, what common ground did you see amongst women?
The commonality of all women is the desire to seek luminous, beautiful skin. I saw a lot of [use of] local herbs, berries, plants . . . and crushing it and applying it to the skin. I took the best of those ingredients and put them in The Solution, as well.

To see what Kimberly has to say about taking care of your skin,


What advice can you give women of all ages regarding their skin?
I think that simple is better. There's just way too much going on people's faces. A major issue I'm seeing is that the quality of the skin becomes dull, lifeless, clogged, and acne-prone. There is premature wrinkling and lines because the skin can't breathe. So again, in designing this product, I just wanted something simple.

Her tips on daily skin-care regimen:

  • Use the right cleanser for your skin type.
  • Use one thing that works. "Don't put layers and layers and fillers on your face," she says. "That is the best skin-care regimen."
  • Prevent wrinkles and lines not only with products, but also through diet. "The cleaner your blood, the healthier your skin," she says.
Join The Conversation
ksnyder ksnyder 8 years
Hi Gulay, I'm so happy to hear about your success with The Solution!!! We've had a lot of success stories with acne scars disappearing, since The Solution has so many ingredients to smooth and brighten the skin naturally and powerfully. Yes, admittedly, I'm a health junkie! Glad you've tried the green smoothie too! You can mix and match the greens and fruit, like switching up and replacing the apples with pears (which are in season now too), using arugula instead of romaine, etc. Please keep in touch! You know where to find me :). Oh, and let me know if there are any specific health questions or blogs you'd like to see! All my best, Kimberly
Gulimz Gulimz 8 years
Hi Kimberly, Thanks for your reply! Like I said I would use it even if it wasn't all-natural because I have to say I have been using it over 2 weeks and it is AMAZING! I had acne scars (few) and acne on my forehead and it is GONE! And my face is unbelievably soft! Infact, the layer of moisture is on my face till i wash it off. It's a fabulous product! I always thought that those ingredients listen above were un-natural. I guess I was misinformed. I love that you are a health junkie and have delicious shake recipies on your blog. Tried the green smoothie and it was actually very delicious! Again thank you for your reply. Gulay (Gulimz)
ksnyder ksnyder 8 years
Hi Gulimz, Thanks for your comments! It's Kimberly here, the founder of Envision Beauty. I want to respond to your questions about these ingredients. Phenoxyethanol is an anti-microbial compound (not to be confused with a stablizer, like parabens) that is extremely safe, especially when compared to other anti-microbials commonly used in the skincare industry. In fact, it is illegal to export any skincare product that doesn't contain phenoxyethanol to Japan. It would indeed be toxic if one were to ingest it in massive quantities- but the same would be true of many things that are beneficial in small quantities – even Vitamin C. It makes up less than 1/10 of 1% of The Solution. The second ingredient you mentioned is Dimethicone, which is commonly considered natural and is derived from the mineral silica. Finally Laureth-7 is an emollient, and shouldn't be confused with Sodium Laureth Sulfates, which are indeed used as household cleaners (to strip wax off floors, etc.). Thank again for your comment and let me know if you have any more questions. Wishing you Total Beauty, Kimberly
Gulimz Gulimz 8 years
I just bought this very recently, no dramatic results yet, but I must say it does leave your face very nice and smooth. On the box it says "a slight tingling sensation is normal" but I did not experience that. The only thing with this product that contradicts itself. While it claims to be natural (and lets face it the creator is a "organic" "all-natural" junkie) it surprisingly has ingredients in it such as : laureth-7 (common house hold cleaning base), dimethicone (used in chaulk), phenoxyethanol ( if ingested very very toxic) ........ just found it bizarre. I mean honestly, that's not going to stop me from using it since everything we use has some kind of caulk or floor cleaner in it... but i don't think it should be presented as "all natural" kind of a thing.... just my opinion
julietaylor3412 julietaylor3412 8 years
My bottle last about 6 -7 weeks and I use it twice a day morning and night. The way I look at it is my eye cream and serum I used to buy cost me more then a bottle of this product so I am actually spending less money, with much better results which makes me very happy!!!
KrissyL78 KrissyL78 8 years
I've run through about a bottle and a half since mid-June.
Beauty-Observer Beauty-Observer 8 years
I have heard of it before and I may give it try one day, but still I think $75 is quite expensive. For how long does the bottle last?
GrandmaDiva GrandmaDiva 8 years
The Solution is the best anti-aging product I have ever used, and I have tried a lot. My skin is much brighter and smoother and firm. It is worth twice its price!! Highly recommended.
esweet esweet 8 years
I just ordered this...I'm excited and hope I love it as much as others do!
jodster jodster 8 years
I started using The Solution a couple of weeks ago after my daughter insisted that I try it. I have to say I don't always agree with everything she recommends but this product truly is fantastic. It is so light and non greasy. I love that it I can now use just one product instead of 3 on my face. Don't let the price scare you- it's worth every cent!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
No, sorry! No coupons or PR posts are allowed.
finchy finchy 8 years
I have no idea. If we can, though, it would be much appreciated!
KrissyL78 KrissyL78 8 years
I was emailed a coupon code by a friend who is a big fan. Are we allowed to post coupons on this site?
shopbop620 shopbop620 8 years
I have been using the cream for the last 2 months and love it! Mostly because I hate having a day cream, eye cream, night cream and this cream is truly all-in-one. I use it twice a day, in the morning and then right before bed and it took a while, but Im so happy with the results! It was worth the $74!
finchy finchy 8 years
Where do you find the 2 for 1 coupon? I'd love to get more for my money if I'm going to try it.
KrissyL78 KrissyL78 8 years
I wouldn't compare it to any of those products. The quality seems very "high end" if that is any help. Buying a $74 skin cream online was a leap of faith for me but they were offering first time buyers a 2 for the price of 1, coupon which softened the blow. They probably know people will get hooked.
Epiphany Epiphany 8 years
I'm intrigued but usually don't go above the $40 mark for a moisturizer unless its something special. The $74 price tag COULD be justified by a few things - extra pure, top shelf ingredients, all-in-one(!?!), donates $$ to charity etc. People seem to think it is a great value, but what are they comparing it to - La Mer/Prevage/Perricone or Kiehls/Badescu/Juice?
LilyBiscuit7 LilyBiscuit7 8 years
This sounds great! I'd love to buy just one product. Has anyone experienced breakouts from this? Thanks!
bakemi bakemi 8 years
I had been looking for an all-in-one cream or serum, and I found it in the Solution. The Solution is really lightweight, and it is perfect to wear under makeup. I'd recommend the Solution to anyone- it is definitely worth $74... In one product, The Solution has replaced my separate eye cream, night cream and daily moisturizer... So the Solution has actually saved me time and money!
ProductReviews ProductReviews 8 years
While I test many brands, there are few if any that deliver what they purportedly claim. However, The Solution is different on many levels. Am a 3 mo+ convert. It is a "multi-tasker" indeed, an all-in-one cream, moisturizer chock full of natural anti-aging properties. Worth more than all others (you'd buy) combined. I predict this brand will sweep the industry, and anticipate an explosion once word gets out. The Solution is aptly named. Go get yours now while its in its cocoon phase!
yvonnez yvonnez 8 years
I have been using The Solution because a friend of mine recommended it. I love it! $74 is worth every penny since a little goes a long way and I'm not buying the other stuff, and my skin is glowing and getting smoother by the day!!!!
KrissyL78 KrissyL78 8 years
This cream isn't getting so much buzz for nothing. I started using it about a month ago and it really is unlike anything Ive ever tried before. The first thing I noticed was the texture, which is light, silky and absorbs very quickly - which makes it especially good under makeup. "The Glow" it gives my skin is worth the price alone, and I really like that I can get excellent results with jsut one product. I definitely recommend giving it a try.
kyastrei kyastrei 8 years
I've been using The Solution for over two months, and I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am with it. I have extremely sensitive skin, so it was always hard for me to find a moisturizer or cream that didn't irritate my skin or give me red blotches. A friend of mine told me about this new product and my skin has never looked better. I like how it's a preventative product so it's great for people of all ages, not just those who already have wrinkles or fine lines. I would encourage anyone to try it, and it's definitely worth the price!
julietaylor3412 julietaylor3412 8 years
I have actually tried the product which was recommended to me by a friend who's a makeup artist. I tried it an loved it. After a month of using it I can see a big difference in my skin and it definitely has given it a glow. After using it I now think $74.00 is a steal considering that I no longer have to buy an eye cream, day cream, serum ect. I would definitely recommend.
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