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The Solution Face Cream

The Solution's Founder Dishes on Skin Care

So, I had heard the buzz about a major multitasking face cream called, The Solution ($74). Forget your day and night creams, they said. Eye creams, serums, and makeup primers? Toss those out, too. You could say I was intrigued.

The lightweight cream is formulated from natural ingredients and contains antioxidants to lift, firm, hydrate, and promote radiant skin. In fact, the product is so pure, only natural preservatives are used, and the pump blocks out contaminants and oxygen, both of which can render ingredients less effective. Like all things, it takes weeks to see results. I'm still waiting for my wrinkles to go away (ha!), but I like how it adds a glow to my skin, especially under the eyes.

Last week, I chatted with the creator of this product, Kimberly Snyder, yoga teacher and living-food expert, who took two years to develop The Solution. Here's what she had to say:

Throughout all of your world travels, what common ground did you see amongst women?
The commonality of all women is the desire to seek luminous, beautiful skin. I saw a lot of [use of] local herbs, berries, plants . . . and crushing it and applying it to the skin. I took the best of those ingredients and put them in The Solution, as well.

To see what Kimberly has to say about taking care of your skin,


What advice can you give women of all ages regarding their skin?
I think that simple is better. There's just way too much going on people's faces. A major issue I'm seeing is that the quality of the skin becomes dull, lifeless, clogged, and acne-prone. There is premature wrinkling and lines because the skin can't breathe. So again, in designing this product, I just wanted something simple.

Her tips on daily skin-care regimen:

  • Use the right cleanser for your skin type.
  • Use one thing that works. "Don't put layers and layers and fillers on your face," she says. "That is the best skin-care regimen."
  • Prevent wrinkles and lines not only with products, but also through diet. "The cleaner your blood, the healthier your skin," she says.
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