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Some Cosmetic Procedures Are Apparently Better to Get in Winter 2010-11-11 11:00:00

Want a Cosmetic Procedure? Winter Could Be the Best Time

Winter's the right time for a bevy of cosmetic procedures, apparently, especially if you're considering laser tattoo removal, light or laser skin treatments and vein removal, aka sclerotherapy. It's not that there's something inherently better about colder weather when it comes to these procedures; it's just that you're more likely to be at your palest, which can be better for laser treatments. Also, you might be most likely to have ditched the fake tan that you use during the warmer months, which is an added bonus for laser addicts as you can't have the treatment done whilst wearing self-tan. Having a procedure like sclerotherapy performed during cooler months can come at an advantage too, as healing veins can be more easily covered with tights or pants — two items not frequently found in warm-weathered wardrobes! Is Winter the time that you think about getting laser and other cosmetic procedures done or do you just get it done as and when you need it, no matter the season?

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