There's a time when less is more and more . . . simply won't fit into those prepackaged, airline-approved travel sets. Take those occasions when you don't need a week's worth of three products, but want three days worth of closer to seven products.

I've picked up some three-ounce travel bottles for things that run out quickly, but what about a dab of shimmer lotion for a night out or some homemade toner? Well, the next time you're at a hotel that provides the essentials in these tiny, one-ounce sizes, empty (or use it), and bring them home in your carry-on.

Once home, pop them in the dishwasher and suddenly you've got tiny (free!) bottles perfect for those bitty essentials. That way your quart-sized bag will still fit those items that take up tons of space (like deodorant) and have room for the rainbow of lip glosses you need to bring too. You know, just in case.