According to the folks over at Yves Saint Laurent, the Cinema scent line is being discontinued. I've barely just heard about the fragrance and now it's going bye-bye. Talk about trendy! Apparently, it's not selling very well and rumor has it they may revamp the formula. As for now, product is still available while supplies last.

I caught a whiff of it the other day and I actually really liked it. It's made from almond tree blossom, amaryllis and amber. It is categorized as a summer scent, but it's definitely heartier than your average light floral fragrance. After all, the name of the fragrance, Cinema, comes from having a lot of character!

It is available in a .5 oz bottle of parfum ($172), a 3oz Eau de Parfum ($88), a 1.6 Eau de Parfum ($65), a 6.6 oz Body Lotion ($45), a 6.6 oz Shower Gel ($40) and a 6.6 oz Body Cream ($70). Have you smelled this scent, and will you be stocking up?