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Spadaro Noche Del Fuego Fragrance Review

The Fragrance Files: A Perfect Nonfloral, Nonfruity Perfume

Regardless of what the juice inside smells like, Spadaro's Noche Del Fuego ($155, sample provided by PR) is already a winner for its irresistibly lovely packaging. The heavy glass bottle is fronted with a gilt design that looks straight out of a William Morris print, and the lollipop atomizer sheath recalls the French perfumery of the 19th century. Clearly, someone has been doing their design homework.

But what about the inside? Fuego Del Noche (night of fire) leads in with high expectations, and thankfully doesn't disappoint. The scent is a straightforward masculine, full of pepper, bergamot, and a little bit of a walnut-dirt accord. If you're looking for flowers or fruit, you won't find them here. It's the sort of fragrance that would wear best on a woman in a tuxedo, someone confident in her own femininity but ready for something with a little more edge than your average women's perfume.

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