My skin has been going through an oddball itchy phase. Ever the hypochondriac, I became convinced that the cats had fleas. They didn't, so I thought, "Oh no, I've somehow picked up bedbugs!" (I hadn't.) After running through a mile-long list of potential itch-causers, I decided to switch body wash to one that doesn't foam up and potentially irritate my skin.

You could probably use a variety of washes, but I went with Superbly Restorative Body Cleansing Oil ($27.50). It has organic argan oil (the buzzed-about Moroccan oil) as well as a beta hydroxy acid. Since it's an oil, it doesn't lather up like crazy. Instead, it gently washes away dirt without leaving my skin dry. Plus, the softly earthy scent is sexy instead of traversing into a "I just followed Phish around for three months" funk. Most important: no more itchy skin. Win! At $27.50, it's more expensive than most body washes, but a little goes a really long way — and the ability to go to sleep without scratching my legs these days is pretty much priceless.