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Splurge of the Week: Wonderbar

Would you buy into the claim that this bar of facial soap, which is made from mud and algae derivatives, would work wonders on all skin types, all while detoxifying and balancing your delicate dermis along the way? That's a lot to promise, so I wasn't expecting much. But Wonderbar ($40 to $104), is actually quite wunderbar. For the hefty price, however, this one's most definitely in the splurge range. Although I went through my sample rather quickly, I loved how this bar tightened my skin without feeling taut or dry.
The soap, which is made from a clay that has the essence of over 700 herbs and plants, is also comprised of a proprietary ingredient called Chlorey’nahre, an algae substance that uses nanotechnology to help increase radiance in the skin. After applying the soap, you're supposed to let it sit and do its magic for about three minutes before rinsing. It gives a slightly tingly, refreshing feel, and really did away most of my makeup. The Wonderbar is also apparently a great multitasking scalp cleanser and aftershave. Would I pay over $100 for a bar of soap? Don't think so. But did I hide my sample far away from Mr. Bella? You bet I did.

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santorina santorina 8 years
One important point is missing. You can buy a tiny sample bar for $7.50. So the question is risk $7.50? You bet I did and it is fantastic!! Next question- will I spend $40 or more on a bar of soap so I don't need to pore minimizing primer or concealer? Yes, happy too !!
ChelseaM ChelseaM 8 years
This is the BEST thing I have ever used on my skin! My skin feels tighter, firmer and I can't see my pores anymore. I have been using my little bar for five weeks and I am totally addicted. I don't think it is a splurge at all- in fact, quite the opposite. I normally spend 2-300 dollars on a skin-care line. Now, only $40 for a small bar and it is all of my products in one. I will never use anything else. My lines are even fading.
mimie mimie 8 years
Would I? Not without buying the sample first just to make sure it works for my skin...and it does and I LOVE IT!! I've had random breakouts and dry patches all of my life. Believe me acne in my late 20s is just completely unacceptable. After the first use even, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Firmer, more toned. In the first week the majority of my dark patches from past breakouts were completely gone! Love it!! Will never use another face wash again. I feel like my skin is completely in balance for the first time in my life!! $105 is nothing compared to years of visits to the dermatologist.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
I'm with emalove on this one.
emalove emalove 8 years
For a bar of soap?! Probably not! Unless I knew for sure that it delivered amazing results!
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