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Spray-On Nail Polish From Nails Inc

Stop Everything — You Can Now Spray On Your Manicure

Spray-On Nail Polish From Nails Inc

We've spent the last five years practicing our manicure technique, so we can safely say that we've mastered painting with our nondominant hand. But if you haven't gotten to that skill level yet, don't bother: the newest technology in nail polish has rendered salon visits completely obsolete.

British lacquer brand Nails Inc. has created a special spray-on formula in a can, and it is blowing our minds. First, you apply your favorite base coat to give the polish something to stick to. Then get your graffiti skills ready, shake the canister, and spray the color onto your nails (we recommend laying down some newspaper to protect any surfaces). Finish with a top coat. The incredible part is that despite all the messy pigment on your fingertips, a quick rinse will wash it all away, leaving a flawless, fast manicure behind.

Sounds too good to be true, right? The only downside is that stateside lacquer-lovers will have to wait until Spring 2016 (late March, to be specific) to get their claws on it. That said, you can join the waiting list to get updates about the polishes. Nails Inc. is also only launching two colors right now — a stormy silver and a hot pink — but we're sure that we'll be seeing more shades soon. Read on to get a closer look at this product.

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