Spring 2009 Proenza Schouler Beauty
Proenza Schouler Gets Their Wartime On

Backstage at Proenza Schouler, war was on everyone's mind. No, not in a political way — this is Fashion Week, after all — but in an aesthetic way. "The inspiration was how women looked so glamorous during wartime, when they were working in the factories but still had their red lipstick on," said makeup artist Diane Kendal. "It’s a very modern approach; it’s not an obvious translation of Rosie the Riveter."

To bring forth a bold red lip, she blended MAC Red lipstick, set it with powder, dusted Red MAC Pro pigment on top, then topped it off with Red Electric MAC Pro pigment to give it that neon pink punch.

For the details on getting the gorgeous hairstyles on the runway,

The hairstyles also took inspiration from the past, but in different ways. Some models wore their hair parted to the far side, letting long matte waves fall in front of their eyes; others had shiny, slicked-back, short styles. "We looked to 1920s glamour for the long-haired girls, and late 1970s disco for the short-haired girls," explained stylist Omar Lopez. To create the long-haired look, the hair team sectioned off hair, then used the ghd IV mini styler to create waves. A spritz of ghd Sea Spray created a matte effect, and then stylists used metal clips around the face to set the curl. Turns out that using a little retro technique can create a look that's thoroughly modern overall.


That is the perfect shade of red on her. Love it.
They need darker lipstick for the models with darker skin, that red is not at all flattering.
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