Hair Gets Worldly and Fierce at Christian Siriano

Moving from a Project Runway victory to a fashion force in his own right, Christian Siriano turned heads on his Spring 2011 runway. With these hairstyles, it wasn't hard to do. Lead stylist Antoinette Beenders (for Aveda) created textured buns that are easier to re-create than you might think. With a little tweaking, a toned-down version can look — well, fierce — in real life. For tips on getting the look, keep reading.

First, separate the top section of hair, from hairline to crown. Clip it to the side, then comb the remaining hair into a high, tight ponytail. (For the show, Beenders braided the ponytails.) After securing it with an elastic, twist it into a bun and fasten any loose ends with bobby pins. Now take the clipped section of hair and crimp the ends with a small crimping iron. Pull that hair over the bun, then pin it at the base. To keep the style structured, finish with a generous application of Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.

Main photo courtesy of Aveda

Image Source: Getty
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