Cherry by Masaki Matsushima, $60, not only has an adorable and bright bottle that makes your mouth water, but the scent is sweet and soft.

The fragrance is not overwhelmingly fruity so that you feel like you are going to attract bees at a picnic, rather it has quite a pleasant floral balance to it. The scent is extremely light and feminine - it's perfect for Summer.

The reason creator Masaki Matsushima chose cherry as the heart and theme of his fragrance is because cherry blossoms mark the end of winter and the rebirth of nature according to Japanese beliefs. They also represent beauty and nature.

Cherry, The Parfum is made from: black currant, raspberry, blackberry, watermelon, bilberry, lotus flower, musk, sweet pea and cherry. It is available in a small .68 oz bottle for $32.50 and in a 1.35 oz bottle for $60.