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Story Behind Dr. Bronner's Soap

The copy-packed and color-coded Dr. Bronner's bottles have been the same since 1948. It's no marketing ploy, either. There's an actual brand message buried within those labels, one that represents what the 150-year-old family soap-making business was founded upon. The actual Dr. Bronner's brand was founded nearly 70 years ago, but his family business spans way back to the mid-1800s.

Two of Dr. Bronner's grandsons, who currently help run the still-family-owned business, traveled to Germany to uncover their grandfather's story. What they discovered was that, like many family empires that survive as long as the Bronner brand has, the journey was riddled with all the makings of a Hollywood movie: dreams, tragedy, and, in this case, a whole lot of soap. What has held up all these years later is a curated collection of organic products with a cult-classic Castile soap at the cornerstone.

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