Almost everyone has at least a few stretch marks, but they're usually only considered a "problem" for women. There are a lot of not terribly effective treatments already out there, and there's recent news of a new laser treatment hitting the market that's supposed to reduce them. I say, if having a procedure like that will make you happy, then go for it. But you know what? As someone who's tried to get rid of, and finally learned to accept, her "stretchies," I'd much rather see a bunch of happy, self-confident women with their marks proudly on display any day of the week.

That's right, I want stretch marks on the beach, not covered up with makeup at the mall, and playing outside in the park on weekends. They're a sign that you've physically grown as a person, that you've matured into a woman, and sometimes that you've created life.

Plus, guys usually don't mind theirs. I see men with large stretch marks out shirtless all the time, and to tell the truth, though they're noticeable, they're also completely normal — even pretty cool looking. Also, remember: Anyone who says something derogatory about the stretch marks they see on another person is nothing but a hypocrite, because they probably have some themselves. I'm not suggesting you stop taking care of your skin and moisturizing to keep it looking nice, but I do think women are being encouraged to worry about something that's absolutely fine. Where do you stand on this?