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Study Finds That Blondes Make More Than Brunettes

Study Finds That Blondes Make $900 a Year More

Is making more money one of your resolutions for 2011? Perhaps going blond is the answer, then. A recent study by British beauty and health retailer Superdrug found that blondes bring in over $900 more a year compared to redheads and brunettes. "The good news is that there is no difference for those with a natural hair color and those with dyed hair," said Superdrug's Simon Comins. The results, however, directly contradict the findings of a similar study performed by Garnier Nutrisse almost two years ago, so, you know, take it with a grain of salt. To find out more stats from the study, including why there could be a rise of the brunette in 2011, just keep reading.

  • Brunettes are more apt to stay in a job longer in hopes of moving upward.
  • Redheads were more likely to switch jobs to find better work situations and salaries.
  • Even though the study found that blondes make more money, it also found that they generally left the office at 5 p.m., unlike their darker-haired counterparts, who stayed later.
  • Brown hair is expected to grow in popularity. "While blond is a perennial favorite, next year we are predicting the rise of the Brunette Bombshell as customers aim to emulate the classic refined style of Kate Middleton," Comins explained.
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