Study Proves That Bond Loves His Dark-Haired Ladies
Study Proves That Bond Loves His Dark-Haired Ladies

Are you a gun-toting, long- and dark-haired lady with a penchant for danger? Then James Bond will love you. I'm still getting over the fact that there was an actual Pussy Galore character in one of the flicks in the Bond franchise. I'm also getting over the fact that researchers from Cleveland State University took the time to delve deeper into the female characteristics preferred by everyone's favorite British spy. A recent study published in the journal Sex Roles proved that of the 195 women in Bond's first 20 films, 40 percent had black hair, 19 percent were brunettes, nine percent were redheads, and 27 percent were blondes.

Their average age was 26, and not surprisingly, he was more likely to sleep with the slimmer, younger, and better-looking women of the bunch. Also, while 007 seemed to end up in sexual liaisons with the longer-haired women, the study concluded that their hair has actually gotten shorter over time. Looking to get a snapshot of the Bond's ideal lady and his chauvinistic ways? The researchers recommend checking out Lois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead (groan) in Moonraker or Lana Wood as Plenty O'Toole (ugh) in Diamonds Are Forever.


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