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Summer Beauty Fixes

Give Yourself a Midseason Beauty Tune-Up

Easy, care-free beauty is something to look forward to in the Summer, but becoming delinquent with your daily upkeep can cause your hair and skin to go from glowing to dull very quickly. Luckily, it's easy to breathe life back into your routine with a few simple steps. Give yourself a seasonal tune-up with these beauty-saving products, after the jump.

  • Hair: By late July your hair can become bone-dry, whether it's from the sun, the salt water, or the chlorine. Bring your strands back to life with a moisture-rich mask such as Neutrogena Deep Recovery Hair Mask ($7). This treatment is designed for extra-dry hair, so it will give your hair the seasonal TLC it needs.
  • Face: Heat and humidity can turn your face into a permanent oil slick in the warmer months, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Get your skin squeaky-clean with this detox face mask ($40) by Malin+Goetz. This cleanser delivers a one-two punch to your skin care woes: it clarifies, firms, and eliminates grime from your skin, allowing you to put your best face forward.
  • Lips: It's easy to slip up on applying SPF to your lips, which makes them an easy target for sunburn. Add that threat to how easily they can dry out, and you're looking at an unpleasant lip situation by midseason. Heal the chap and burn with Nivea's A Kiss of Recovery ($3). It protects with an SPF and leaves your lips perfectly patched up.
  • Body: Dry and flaky skin is never a good look, but it's even worse when your limbs are exposed in shorts and dresses. Drying is typical in the Summer and can be easily remedied with an exfoliant like the ximenia and salt scrub ($28) from The Body Shop. It buffs away dried-out skin and leaves your arms and legs baby-soft and smooth.
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