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Summer Hair Care Tips For Chemically-Treated Hair

Keep These Summer Hair Care Tips in Mind If You Have Chemically Straightened Hair

I've been chemically straightening my hair for about five years now. I absolutely love doing it, it makes my hair so smooth and easy to care for, and when you feel good about your hair, your confidence skyrockets. Usually, I go about every four months, but it varies on the season and how I feel my hair is doing. It is a real lifesaver — I can hop out the shower and go to work with wet hair knowing it will dry smooth and straight.

Without my varying chemical straightening treatments, my hair is a frizzy, messy disaster. Not cute curls or loose beach waves, but more "I look like I just ran through a forest" vibes. I'm due for a straightening treatment in a couple weeks, and my hair is already going a little haywire — see above if you don't believe me!

Straight Is Great — If You Keep Your Hair Healthy!

I love wearing my hair super straight and silky in the Summer — I think it's a nice contrast to all my floral dresses and makes me look pulled together! Although straightening it is some of the battle, I also have to keep my hair super healthy, so that I get that full, shiny, sleek look. Chemical straightening can dry your hair out, so I am extra vigilant about what I use to ensure I'm not drying it out more and nourishing it with all the right minerals and vitamins.

Say No to Extra Chemicals!

Shampoo and conditioner are super important because you use them so frequently — especially in the Summer. With the humidity and heat of the Summer months, my hair tends to get greasier more quickly, so I'm washing it way more. I like to think of shampoo and conditioner as the meat and potatoes of my hair's diet. During the Summer, I wash my hair about three or four times a week, so I am extremely selective about what I use because it touches my hair so often. I always pick a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. To me, the less chemicals the better since I am already putting my hair under so much stress. I also find that the more natural the product, the less likely it is to have negative effects, like dandruff.

Feel the Burn (of the Sun, Not Your Hair!)

Summer also means lots of rooftop parties, BBQs in the garden, and all-day rosé sessions on Saturdays, which means I'm styling my hair a lot more. I opt for using a heat-protecting cream whenever I plan on blow drying or curling my hair. I smooth it on prior to using any of my hot tools, and as such feel a teeny bit less guilty for inflicting a heat-wrath on my poor strands. It's so important to protect your hair from damage — the best defense is a good offense!

Humidity vs. Me, Round 789

Obviously, the downside of the glorious Summer weather is the unbearable humidity that comes with it. After I do any styling in Summer, I swear by a little bit of serum to smooth out any stray frizzies and protect against the evil humidity. I love the glossy look and texture a finishing serum provides, and I find when it's a bit heavier, it's less susceptible to getting crazy in the heat.

Be Kind to Your Hair This Summer!

Healthy hair is happy hair, and although I will never quit my much-loved chemical straightening, I do everything I can to care for my hair to keep it in tip top shape, especially during my favorite season, Summer!

Image Source: Christina Najjar
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