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Sunday Giveaway! 10 Hershey's Lip Balm Ultra-Moisturizing Trio SPF 15

Sunday Giveaway! 10 Hershey's Lip Balm Ultra-Moisturizing Trio SPF 15

It's February (already?!), and that means it's time to get rid of our dull, Winter skin in favor of a healthy, glowing complexion. My friends at Sephora are helping out by bringing us daily giveaways with products designed to get you radiant for Spring.

Today's giveaway is for on10 Hershey's Lip Balm Ultra-Moisturizing Trio SPF 15. This fun, Valentine's Day-themed trip of lip balms includes Hershey's Vanilla Crème, Milk Chocolate, and Almond flavors to smooth and moisturize luscious lips with the protection of SPF 15. All of the on10® formulas are rich and efficacious, so they taste and smell great and are good for you, too.

Want to enter? Just take the quiz by 5 p.m. PST today, and one winner will be selected at random. Your eligibility is not based on getting the answers correct, just on taking the quiz after you are logged in. You do, however, need to be a TeamSugar member to enter. So if you're not already a member, register for an account. One quiz entry per person; all repeat quizzes will be ignored. Remember: You must be logged into TeamSugar for your vote to count. For the complete rules, click here. Good luck!

This quiz has been closed and is over.

  • The average score is 1.9 or 95%
Top Scorers
100%  Adrian Rosen
100%  qtrhrse66
100%  xoxo1791
100%  razzberry
100%  Michelle StJames
100%  Andrea Murray
100%  Charlene Kuser
100%  JenBrett
100%  arvard
100%  Alecia Gibson
Join The Conversation
ginny71 ginny71 9 years
Pick me, I need this :-)
taras82 taras82 9 years
rosannepm rosannepm 9 years
Chocolate is a daily staple of life here
AylorCD AylorCD 9 years
Delish............great giveaway. Thanks!!
Luvanurse3 Luvanurse3 9 years
sounds yummy
banquetbabe banquetbabe 9 years
yes, please
banquetbabe banquetbabe 9 years
love it
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
amj1989 amj1989 9 years
Yes, Please.
blkbrn1952 blkbrn1952 9 years
spygirl658 spygirl658 9 years
Is anyone else noticing something strange with this quiz? I finished the quiz in advance of the official 5:00pm PST deadline (by about 30 minutes or so), but there was a strange message on the RESULTS page at the very end. When I finished the quiz there was a message up top that read: "This quiz has been closed and is over. Take another Quiz?" Is this a technical glitch? I hope so, because those lip balms look soooo yummy!
kaenai kaenai 9 years
Aww... just missed it. It was open when I started, but closed before I finished. ): Oh well, good luck everyone!
donnac36 donnac36 9 years
mfinley mfinley 9 years
this would be lovely
mohigity mohigity 9 years
Linda-Moeller Linda-Moeller 9 years
rlgrady rlgrady 9 years
looks great!
denyse_g denyse_g 9 years
NICE prize:)
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
This sounds so yummy!
fangirl1 fangirl1 9 years
I'd love to try these!
gracie0225 gracie0225 9 years
sounds good!!
judyay judyay 9 years
I love it
rewcath rewcath 9 years
hersheys who knew thanks for the contest
GorgeousGrrly GorgeousGrrly 9 years
sounds delish for my luscious lips
jmahurin40 jmahurin40 9 years
i missed it:(
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