With unemployment hitting a four-year high last month, there's a good chance some of you are in the market for a new job. You're probably already familiar with hair and makeup tips for job seekers, but have you ever thought your fragrance may sway the outcome of a big interview?

A friend who works in human resources at a very well-known independent film studio recently told me a story about a qualified male candidate coming in smelling as if he had bathed in Abercrombie cologne. "All of the parties who met him agreed that he was well equipped for the job, but we ended up having to pass on him," she told me. "None of us (including myself) were able to stay in the interview room with him long enough to get through a thorough questioning, let alone sit in a cubicle next to him."

Ouch! Turns out, many recruiters tell their job applicants that fragrance is an interview faux pas and possible dealbreaker. So stop spending your unemployment checks on the newest scents — they could end up costing more than you think!