Sometimes, you find out that a beauty staple in your house growing up is something nobody else has ever heard of, and maybe even a little weird. Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative Flakes ($6) are like that for me. My mom loves this stuff, and until recently, I never knew people seriously used it as anything else but a facial steam — sprinkled in a pot of hot water, it works absolute wonders for pores, and calms down irritation and redness, too. As a teenager, whenever I was breaking out, my mother would put a pot of water on to boil, pour a couple of scoops of Swiss Kriss in, and make me stand over the steam with a towel over my head for five minutes or so. I'd come out looking like I'd just gotten a facial.

The other day, I started looking for it online, only to discover that people seemed to be using it for its intended purpose, and was totally confused. Have you heard of Swiss Kriss? And if not, has anything like this ever happened to you? By the way, I seriously recommend the flakes if you're trying to clear a breakout gently — they're magic.