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TSA Search Dallas Woman's Afro on ATL Train Platform

TSA Searches Hairstylist's Afro on Atlanta Train Platform

Dallas hairstylist Isis Brantley was shocked when TSA agents came up to her on the platform of the interterminal train at the Atlanta airport and told her they needed to check her Afro for drugs and explosives. TSA hair checks aren't unheard of, but they are invasive, and this is certainly the first case we've heard of a search so far from security. The TSA claims that Ms. Brantley simply walked off before her security screening was over, and that they offered to take her to a private area for the pat down, but Brantley disputes both those claims.

If you've ever been to the Atlanta airport, you know that the terminal trains aren't really anywhere close to security, and it seems truly odd that TSA agents would have let someone who wasn't done with her screening wander halfway through the airport before they thought to catch up with her. Ms. Brantley says it isn't the search she objected to, it was the public humiliation. Do you think it's reasonable for TSA agents to check people's hair (especially outside a checkpoint), and would you feel violated if this happened to you?

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