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Take a Bite Into Fall With Apple-Inspired Ingredients

As you know, it's the first day of Fall. That means colder weather, dryer air, and the impending cozy scents of cinnamon, pumpkin, maple, and apple. So, when do we eat?

To get into the spirit of the new season, all this week I'll be featuring products with Autumn-inspired ingredients. I'll start you off with the delicious and nutritious apple. Whether it be Granny Smith or Jonagold, the apple's powerful antioxidants and natural exfoliating properties will help keep skin soft and glowing. Plus, they smell rather lovely, too. So why not go bobbing for some apples yourself? Here are some tasty ideas:

Join The Conversation
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i'm a sucker for pretty packaging and this was something that is really speaking to me. i think that as much as i don't care about apple scents, i think that there are elements that can be really alluring to me.
kahribar kahribar 8 years
Nina's perfume is wonderful and the other stuff looks like lots of fun!
gloriouskies gloriouskies 8 years
I love green apple scents, but for some reason I never thought DKNY Be Delicious smelled anything like apple. These sound delish
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
The Philosophy Caramel Apple sounds like a dream. The zia mask sounds great too. I had an apple and Acai body spray from Walmart that smells so good and it's really cheap. It's one of those calgon ones I believe.
lucyS lucyS 8 years
I have the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. It's a gentle peel which doesn't suit me much. I like the good old strip a couple layers of skin off kinda peel. Those are the only kind that take care of my break-outs. The GA peel is also kinda sticky which I don't like either.
Jello-Wanabe Jello-Wanabe 8 years
deb126 deb126 8 years
sounds yummy
meowalycat meowalycat 8 years
Love this perfume! It's my favorite ever.
emalove emalove 8 years
Apple is not my favorite scent to wear on my body, but I do love the Philosophy Caramel Apple 3-in-1.
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