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Conditions in the winter are not kind to skin! Creating good habits and dishing out some extra moisture will keep skin healthy and soft, even during the winter!
5 ways to keep your skin happy this winter:

1. Keep it warm. Hot showers feel good when there is a chill in the air but actually cause moisture loss! Keep your showers warm and short.

2. Be gentle. Dry, flaky skin may have you wanting to aggressively exfoliate. Don’t! Instead, use a gentle touch with a mild exfoliating cleanser once a week to help remove dry skin cells.

3. Cleanse wisely. Skip the soap, it’s too drying! Use a cleanser that helps nourish your skin. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

4. Be consistent. Apply a rich moisturizer to damp skin after each shower. This helps create a barrier and traps in your natural moisture

5. Replenish humidity. Run a humidifier while you sleep. The moist air will keep your skin from feeling parched.

Be diligent with healthy skin care habits, and use moisture rich products, so your skin will be ready for the first signs of spring when you can wear your sandals again!

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