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Tanning Beds Can Cause Cancer

Beauty Byte: Tanning Beds Are a Confirmed Carcinogen

If you didn't believe me about the risk of tanning beds before, please stop and read this now. Assessments by World Health Organization oncologists have concluded what we've suspected for years — that the UV light used in artificial tanning beds is indeed a carcinogen, one at the same grade of toxicity as gamma radiation and plutonium. This means that instead of saying that the radiation from a tanning bed might cause cancer, now we know that it undoubtedly will. Exposure to a tanning bed beginning before the age of 30 increases your risk of skin cancer by a whopping 75 percent, and melanoma is one of the most painful, deadly forms of cancer. So, really: don't expose yourself to such a big risk. For more information on this story, read the Review of Human Carcinogens—Part D: Radiation just published on The Lancet's Oncology journal website.

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