Wondering what to get that certain beauty-obsessed bride-to-be? You know, the one who has everything? Well, fear not, because I promise she doesn't have this! Tarte is offering to customize glosses for special occasions, allowing you to pick your colors and have them packaged up beautifully, displaying the bride and groom's name.

The fun part is that you get to choose from any of Tarte's existing glosses for the gift, creating the duo of your choosing. This allows you to personalize it to the bride's coloring, or choose something party-pretty like a bright red or a sparkly pink. The best part is that when you place your order in quantities of 25 or more, you get a bulk discount of 40–50% off. These make great favors for anything from a bachelorette to a birthday party — or just any occasion that calls for some shimmer and shine.