If you have a tattoo or know someone with a tattoo, do you/they regret it? Dr. Tattoff, Inc., a California-based company, hopes that's the case, as it hopes to make its tattoo-removal services available nationwide. With tattoos more popular than ever, it looks like it has quite the potential clientele.

Interestingly enough, 85 percent of the company's customers are women aged 18 to 44. "Tattoos are becoming more common in the workplace and in society," chief executive John Keefe told the Los Angeles Times. "My suspicion is that along with that, the tattoo regret factor will only grow as people get older," he added. Find out more stats when you read more.

  • According to a Harris Poll, 14 percent of Americans have tattoos, with one-third of them belonging to the 25 to 29 age group.
  • Of that segment, 16 percent say they regret them. That accounts for an astonishing seven million people.
  • Around two times a week, Dr. Tatoff, Inc. treats young, recently tattooed people brought in by their unhappy parents for tattoo removal services.
  • Tattoo removal is a painful process, requiring several treatments to be effective. Plus, tattoos with multiple colors are the hardest to get rid of.
  • Removal is expensive, costing about $750 to $1,500, which is around five to 10 times the cost of the actual tattoo.