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Tea Tree Oil Quiz

What Do You Know About Tea Tree Oil?

What can you bathe in, spot-treat a pimple with, and use in a facial steamer to open up the nasal passages for better breathing? If you answered tea tree oil, you're right. But that's not all you can do with tea tree oil. From quelling dandruff to easing the itchiness of insect bites, tea tree oil can be used in a wide variety of ways — especially when it comes to cosmetics. What do you know about this multitasking essential oil? Take my quiz to find out.

What Do You Know About Tea Tree Oil?

True or false? Tea tree oil has antiviral properties.

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stagnation13 stagnation13 7 years
It really is an almost cure-all. The smell isn't all that great but it isn't bad and it doesn't smell like chemicals. I have a roll on from Aura Cacia of tea tree oil and it works GREAT on ezcema.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
It also helps with yeast infections, just sayin :p
hazelberry hazelberry 7 years
I buy the 1 gallon Dr. Bronner's liquid and use it as a body wash, hand soap, face cleanser. This is also my cleaning liquid, instead of using and breathing in the harsh chemicals. Also have the concentrated oil which helps with pimples, cuts and even mixed it with wintergreen and eucalyptus oil to the prevent bug bites. You think I'm obsessed? :D
bellazmom bellazmom 7 years
I swear by tea tree oil, as well. I use it on my brows and lip after a wax. It smells a little funky, but it soothes the irritation.
plasticine1 plasticine1 7 years
i swear by tea tree oil; I use it for everything!! i dilute it in water and spray it on after shaving and i dont get shave bumps. i don't mind the smell at all, but everybody around me does.
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