Have you seen Teen Witch? If not, I suggest you do so, merely to see the fabulous rap scene of teenage angst circa 1989. The flick stars Blake Lively's older sister Robyn Lively as Louise Miller, a teenage descendant of witches from Salem. Over the past few weeks, I've been featuring all sorts of witchy ideas for the Halloween season, so to conclude the series, here are a few tips on achieving Louise's Teen Witch look.

Much as the look for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch is '90s all the way, this look is totally '80s. All you need is a long ginger-red wig with bangs. (Cut them down if you have to.) For the ultimate wow factor, create claw bangs on the style by setting the fringe with some self-grip, nonthermal rollers. Once you've achieved the perfect rolls, clip your teased locks back on the sides with a large barrette, and wear frosty makeup. For special touches, include a witch's broomstick accessory and a triangular necklace with swirly blue detailing, which helps give Louise her special powers. See what I mean around the 1:27 mark in the video link above. So, top that!