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La Perla knows that your lingerie drawer speaks volumes about your personality and savvy style. Whether you opt for La Perla's ultra-sexy unique laser cut laces, intricate flirty flower pattern laces, or some classic vintage corsetry, La Perla's Limited Edition pieces are le perfect for your ever-evolving fancy fancies.

Share below what you hope your unmentionables say about you and be automatically entered to win a $500 gift certificate to La Perla!

Need some inspiration? Peruse the Limited Edition lineup on the website by clicking here and then check out the video below of La Perla's 2010 collection presented at New York Fashion Week.

The-Blossom-Shed The-Blossom-Shed 5 years
I hope that my underpinnings show that I'm more feminine, and less serious, underneath my clothes - I always wear lovely materials with lots of detail and retro style, they make me feel beautiful no matter what I'm wearing over them, and give me an extra spring in my step:)
EliseHatton EliseHatton 6 years
My unmentionables say that along with my child like love of panties with reindeer on them, I also have a love and appreciation for black lace...
katieann katieann 6 years
Mine say that I like unique colors and I always match!
MonCherie8 MonCherie8 6 years
Mine say "this woman needs to match". I am in-between right now...I no longer need the "monthly panties". After my hysterectomy, those got tossed! I would love to update my sexy undies, and match the bras, but usually it's too costly to, so I just grab the undies. I would love to have matching sets! I am also empty-nested now, so sexy is as sexy does:-)
MsMeeky MsMeeky 6 years
My Unmentionables in my Lingerie Drawer Say, Chic, Sexy and Fun-Loving Woman Wears Us and Always Matching Underneath!
lemmons84 lemmons84 6 years
My unmentionables say kinky/cute/flirty sexy. (Think Agent Provocateur-ish pieces).
stef42678 stef42678 6 years
I love the cotton panties that keep me comfy but confident and once in a while La Perla sexy lingerie makes me feel beautiful and flirtaceous. I love showing off my unique style with different colors and patterns and always being able to be myself with La Perla and feel pretty.
huskernaz huskernaz 6 years
Mine say practical (cotton) but also daring (thongs)... but mostly they say that I'm all woman!
connito connito 6 years
cute with bows
angelpumpkin angelpumpkin 6 years
Mine say, tired and worn out - I need new life breathed into my wardrobe - starting with the foundation pieces if you know what I mean. I wish they said sexy, sassy and spunky - maybe soon ;o)
emmeli emmeli 6 years
my unmentionables say that I'm too practical - black, black, black and no lace. however, my one pink coobie stretchy lace bra says that i'm all worn out because i secretly prefer the fun color and comfy padding . . .
acthomps acthomps 6 years
I prefer to call it lingerie rather than unmentionables, because they are very mentionable. ;-) What my lingerie says about me is that I'm a confident, sexy woman with excellent taste. It highlights the best part of my body making me look and feel even more fabulous. My lingerie practically yells out to those fortunate enough to see me in it that I'm a very blessed woman.
amwhiteh amwhiteh 6 years
my lingerie drawer definitely says that i'm a grad student and haven't had a paying job in years...
kna81 kna81 6 years
Mine say "Take me off!" And probably also "I care enough to make sure my bra and panties match when I'm with you."
emidzi emidzi 6 years
They say work in progress...they aren't great, but they aren't half bad either.
Kamifornia Kamifornia 6 years
They say confident and girly.
Hyacinthbean Hyacinthbean 6 years
Embarrassing, but here it is. I'm 53 and never owned any lingerie that didn't come in a, 'buy 4, get 1 free', bag hanging on the wall at the local Walmart. I have one bra, it's a sturdy Victoria's Secret bra, basic black, no bells-no whistles. Sad...and needs to change. I'm in good shape, feminine curves, just no time to indulge in luxury. .......Now that I wrote that all down I should go window-shopping and see what's out there. No More Granny Underwear!
tksinclair tksinclair 6 years
Unfortunately right now they say practical and affordable - aka BORING!!! I'd love to spice things up.
melan26 melan26 6 years
I definitely have those moments of wearing such inner wear. Sometimes, you just need to be that comfortable and not be so paranoid whether or not something might happen.
zoedc3 zoedc3 6 years
My lingerie drawer says that while i dont like to reveal too much, I like my body and if youre lucky enough to see me in any of this; you'll like it too.
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