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Temporary Hair Color

Definition: Temporary Hair Color

While semipermanent and demipermanent hair colors wash out after several shampoos, temporary hair colors provide just that — a temporary effect. This no-commitment type of color comes in the form of shampoos, gels, rinses, sprays, foams, and mascara-like applicators. Think Beyond the Zone Spike It Hair Cement ($5), Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and Highlighting Pen ($23), and Claudia Stevens Hair Highlighter ($4.30), just to name a few.

The larger color molecules of temporary hair dye cannot penetrate the outer cuticle layer. Therefore, they work by being absorbed into the hair shaft and are easily removed after one shampoo (or two, for those with dry or damaged hair). Temporary color can be perfect for special occasions like Halloween or any event when you might want to try out something different in the vibrant variety. It can also enhance your existing tones and help you get through the rough times in between hair color appointments. Added bonus? Your underlying hair remains untouched.


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areidz areidz 8 years
@pinkpeonygirl - I'm sure that some of these temporary colors would wash out on you, just as any other person. I, too, have had trouble with semi-permanents not rinsing out - what was your color of choice vs. your natural hair color? PM me if you want to discuss it! Bella and other ladies, these can be a lot of fun, but the Oscar Biandi, and every other color touch-up I've found is not dramatic enough to find a decent close match to my dye job. If you have any advice for a bright burgundy colored touch up for medium/dark, natural colored brunette, please let me know! It looks like a lot of fun for a special occasion, and i'm willing to try anything once, if not twice! :)
pinkpeonygirl pinkpeonygirl 8 years
I dye my hair with semi-permanent hair-color, but it never really washes out completely, therefore I get really bad color buildup, that I can't get rid of anymore. No highlights for me, not even with a color-stripper, can you believe that? And temporary hair-color doesn't appeal to me, I fear it would stain your clothing or something. Besides my hair is now dyed black.
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