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Ten-Hut! Share How You'll Tie Military Looks Into Your Style and Win $500!

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That's right, JCPenney has $500 with your dog tags all over it. JCPenney wants to help you take this season's government-issued utilitarian cargos to military chic. Scroll through the fashion slideshow of key military looks, and then tell us what pieces you plan on incorporating into your wardrobe to take it from drab to fab for your chance to win $500!

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carolpie carolpie 6 years
I bought a shirt with epaulets and a belted waist and am looking for boots to go with it.
matzsmith matzsmith 6 years
I think 'military style' has been stretched and coined. However I really love the dbl breasted jacket and the a.n.a® Embellished Band Leader Jacket is a steal and very wearable with a very light weight sweater.
gotfire55 gotfire55 7 years
I plan on getting a belted coat like the second photo.
Gunnr Gunnr 7 years
I have been looking for a belted coat (to tie just like in the photo), but most seemed out of my budget. I like the pants too!
ashleypatterson ashleypatterson 7 years
need that half placket military great!
nadienne nadienne 7 years
I want the leather military jacket, and I love anything with tabs to roll up the sleeves.
christielynn_ christielynn_ 7 years
Love the green belted coat- would look great dressed up or down!
LadyMM LadyMM 7 years
What a great collection! I love the tab sleeves sweater!!
yogurtsoup yogurtsoup 7 years
I'm totally into the Military Look, its totally my style. the layered look looks great. JCPenney has some really nice clothes
Jillyk530 Jillyk530 7 years
Um.. ALL of them!!
janetmouse janetmouse 7 years
A military belted coat will definitely be a must for my fall wardrobe!!!
shopgurl101 shopgurl101 7 years
I love the belted military coat and the peacoat! they both look very sophisticated and tailored.
gnovick gnovick 7 years
I love all the looks! i will definitely be stopping by to pick up some outfits for fall
PixieBelle PixieBelle 7 years
Love that red pea coat...
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