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Is Thermage Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

Is Thermage Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

We're excited to present this article from one of our favorite sites, Allure!

I used to feel guilty about my monthly facials — at $300, they seemed so indulgent. But the UK's Daily Mail recently reported that Demi Moore spends over $150,000 a year on Thermage treatments to maintain her youthful appearance. Thermage uses radio frequencies, heating the inner layers of the skin to tighten and stimulate the formation of new collagen — and it seems like everyone, including Allure's top experts, have differing opinions on its effectiveness. So is it worth the cost?

To find out what people say, keep reading.

  • The Believer: Dermatologist Patricia Wexler recommends Thermage for skin tightening, saying "You should see results in one session and continued tightening for about six months."
  • The Skeptic: Dermatologist Jeannette Graf told Allure she thought Thermage "was the most over hyped anti-aging treatment." "There's a small percentage of people who do well," she said, "But there's a huge percentage for whom they do nothing and I've seen horrific burns from Thermage."
  • The Tester: One Allure editor tried it and said, "It was one of the most painful procedures I had ever undergone. Even with my face numbed with lydocaine, it felt as if my skin was burning off." After one treatment she didn't notice any results.

Whether or not it works (and whether you're up for agonizing pain and an even more agonizing price tag), everyone seems to agree on one thing: Demi looks pretty darn good.

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PastaPrincessa PastaPrincessa 6 years
I can't (or won't) really comment on whether it's worth the hefty price tag. I think that depends on whether you've got the bucks and on how effective the treatment is for you, since not everyone gets the same results. HOWEVER, I MUST TAKE EXCEPTION TO THE COMMENTS REGARDING AGONIZING, EXCRUCIATING PAIN. Either you gals have a very low threshold of pain or your practitioner didn't know what the heck they were doing. I've had Thermage twice and, yes, I experienced some discomfort in areas where the skin is thinnest, but EXCRUCIATING, AGONZING PAIN???? Uh no way. Just sayin'..
hellojello hellojello 6 years
I have had Thermage on my face and while I could see a bit or results, it was nothing dramatic. I am only 32, but I am all about prevention so I thought I would give it a try. What I can tell you about is very costly (I paid about $3600 for my entire face), it takes many hours to perform because they have to go over your face many times and it is VERY painful (I have had other lasers (like laser hair removal and tattoo removal and don't find them painful, I have been told by dermatologist that I have a very high pain threshold). I am not sure what the "Tester" from Allure above was talking about when they mentioned you can use a topical painkiller like Lidocaine, because you cannot. Maybe that is why Dr. Graf has seen so many burns? The doctor has to work at the highest frequency possible that you can stand to get the best results. As the patient you have to keep telling them if you can handle the pain and the frequency is changed for every zap because as you move from the middle line of your face to the outside it becomes much more painful. BTW, I paid for this and did this for myself, not because I am pressured by anyone else.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Demi looks great. I don't know how she does it, or whether it's actually Thermage or good genes or what, but she's a beautiful woman. But Hollywood is so tough on women, especially those who aren't 20 or 25 anymore. I can't imagine the pressure to look perfect, and women in particular have it hard once they don't look 25 anymore. If they get work done, people laugh at them for that; if they age naturally, people say they look old. It's really lousy.
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
retrodoll, I don't know about any of that gossip and I try not to pay attention to it, but I definitely think that the other issue is that actresses still feel the pressure to keep looking as young and, in many people's opinion, marketable. just look at her career - she had a lot of success in the 80's and 90's, and ever since she got older, she hasn't worked as much. she's still beautiful and just as talented (which I hate to say is not very), but I bet that casting agents and producers don't want her as much. that's why I think she gets all that work done - the good thing is she hasn't gone crazy with her face (she still looks pretty normal in my opinion), but all the stuff about her supposedly getting tons of work of her body done, including even her knees (which, again, could just be gossip) is crazy! the truth is I feel sad for these people who work in a business that throws them to the curb any moment they don't fit the perfect image...
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 6 years
If she would lay off the cigarette's, she wouldn't need so much work on her skin. I knew she had to be doing something, because she's almost 50. She said in an interview that she wants to have another baby, with Kutcher. I think she's trying to stay as young looking as possible for him. Long hair, tanned skin, working out a lot... and all that money invested into her body. Now there is that scandal about him cheating. Whether it's true or not... it has to make her nervous that she's a lot older.
TammyO TammyO 6 years
Next up, Demi reveals that she baths in the blood of young virgins!
shalee55 shalee55 6 years
If I could afford it , sure why not. Demi looks great.
pwest99 pwest99 6 years
Edit - no fear of aging
pwest99 pwest99 6 years
Is it worth it? For me, no. One - because I cannot afford it and two - I have to fear of aging. I take this best care I can of myself and whatever happens, happens. I personally don't have time to think about aging. I'm too busy living!!!
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