You may not love the Taste of the Rockies now, but you might after you find out just how useful a couple cheap cans can be. Whatever ale's rolling around in your fridge can make for several great beauty treatments—and there really is no better guy pickup line than "Hey there, I just bathed in beer." So keep reading, because this Bud's for you.


  • Beer makes a nice hair rinse. Both alcohol and hops are astringent, which means that they can help get product gunk and sebum out of your hair as well as unclog pores in your scalp. Beer has low levels of alcohol, and most varieties aren't too hops-y, so a beer rinse is gentle enough that even people who have dry scalps can use it. Just pop a can/bottle and work it through for a minute before you shampoo.
  • The beer facial. According to Kegerators, you can also make your own beer mask with one cup of beer, an avocado, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and a tablespoon of honey.
  • As this Men's Health writer found out, beer makes a pretty good bubble bath. Just pour it under the faucet, or if your tub has jets, put it in and then turn them on for a eminently bubbly experience.