In this day and age, it's easy to make your lips look plumper. The hard part is finding a lip-plumping product that won't leave your mouth inflamed and burning with pain. I've sampled my fair share, and some of the products are just downright scary. DuWop Lip Venom produces a persistent burning sensation, while my experience with Freeze 24/7 Plump Lips Ice Sticks left me looking like I'd eaten too many jalapeño peppers.

Fortunately, there are some great lippies out there that give you a full, sexy pout without any pain. Here are three I've found, but if you know of others, tell me below.

Rather than go for immediate plumpness, LORAC Lotsa Lip Plumping Lipstick ($18.50) is designed to increase fullness over time by stimulating collagen and moisturizing your lips. I used this creamy lipstick for about a month, and while I wouldn't say my lips looked bigger, they definitely looked fluffed and fuller. Plus, it feels great.

Two more pain-free lip plumpers, so

The Balm Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss ($14) is a more traditional plumping gloss with menthol to give your lips an instant boost. But unlike Lip Venom, this one doesn't sting — only tingles pleasantly. I love the glassy texture, and the gloss stays put for hours.

I know I've already told you about Tallulah Cosmetics Glossary Super Gloss ($16), but it's so different, I just had to mention it again. This one doesn't actually plump your lips but instead uses mica to reflect light and make your lips appear bigger. It actually works, and the effect is quite pretty.