Since I've been trying to stretch the time between waxes with tweezing, my postrecession scheduling earned me a "long time!" exclamation at the salon door. Call me extra aware but chatting with my esthetician revealed these three easy things to do before waxing . . . that can be equally easy to forget:

  • Lightly exfoliate. Some skin is sensitive to this process and you may see tiny pimples postwaxing. Before you go in, lightly exfoliate the brow area. This can help clear impacted follicles and remove dead skin cells for a clean slate.
  • Bare before beautiful brows. If you know you're going in for facial waxing, avoid wearing foundation or any liquid products that can interfere with the working wax. (I stopped in after brunch and my makeup needed to be removed – oops!)
  • Powdered down. You may notice your esthetician powdering your brows as she starts. The reason? It absorbs any excess oil or moisture. The drier the skin, the better the wax will adhere to it. So show up with clean, dry skin or lightly powder it yourself and save that step.