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Thursday Giveaway! Philosophy Hope in a Jar

To start the year off right, my friends at Sephora are focusing on beautiful skin: how to get it and how to keep it. That's why they're giving away some seriously special skin stuff all month.

Today's giveaway is for Hope in a Jar, which—if you'll remember—is one of Oprah's favorite creams. Originally created for the medical market, it is a world-renowned skin cream.

Want to enter? Just take today's quiz by 5pm PST, and one winner will be selected at random. Your eligibility is not based on getting the answers correct, just on taking the quiz after you are logged in. You do, however, need to be a TeamSugar member to enter. So if you're not already a member, register for an account. One quiz entry per person; all repeat quizzes will be ignored. Remember: YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN TO TEAMSUGAR FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. For the complete rules, click here. Good luck!

Thursday Giveaway! Philosophy Hope in a Jar

How many sizes of Hope in a Jar are available?

Join The Conversation
meladori meladori 8 years
i love their products.
Soapboxer Soapboxer 8 years
Coffee grounds and plastic wrap. Caffine breaks up the gravel ass so you can keep the money to work on your other flaws!
donnab47 donnab47 9 years
i love this brand, would love to try this product!!
Jennipoo Jennipoo 9 years
this is always sold out at the sephora near me.... le sigh.
svaranasi svaranasi 9 years
Pepper Pepper 9 years
I love Philosophy products.
juedy juedy 9 years
Where there's a will, there's a way?
mcnaney mcnaney 9 years
I love their stuff!
nmclain nmclain 9 years
I want this.
kaaas kaaas 9 years
Pick me please :)
tracylh0001 tracylh0001 9 years
this would be great..
banquetbabe banquetbabe 9 years
would love it
pcbdolphins pcbdolphins 9 years
I really want a chance to try this. Please allow me to win
Erica14886377 Erica14886377 9 years
ash6635 ash6635 9 years
want ahh ive wanted to try this for a while now!
rlgrady rlgrady 9 years
I've wanted to try this since Oprah had it on her show years ago. I need a little hope!
Tina12312 Tina12312 9 years
Love this stuff - please pick me! Thank you!
cptmorgan70 cptmorgan70 9 years
Swtlilchick Swtlilchick 9 years
I really want this,it is the best of the best!
chitsuen chitsuen 9 years
pcmiller pcmiller 9 years
Love this site!
lherzik123 lherzik123 9 years
I've always wanted to try this!
rhuzzar rhuzzar 9 years
This would be awesome to win
bndraldy bndraldy 9 years
I did not get to answer the questions and it said I got 1 out of 2 correct. Hmmmmm... Oh well, I hope I am still in there for Hope in a Jar! I really need it!!! Thanks for offering the contest!
shalee55 shalee55 9 years
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