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We love so many things about this time of year, the food, the snow, and the layered fashion (of course)! With the cool weather come cooler layered looks put together by you, so pile on the tights, knee highs, and rain-boot liners! 'Tis the season to create different looks and textures by mixing and matching to suit your personal style!

Looking for some inspiration? Chinese Laundry Legwear's new collection holds a treasure trove of fabulous, wearable fashion legwear, available in the season's best colors and patterns for all occasions (casual and cozy as well as chic and sleek). Got some ideas how to make your Chinese Laundry Legwear pop?

Share your on-trend look in the comments and one lucky layer-er will win a $500 gift card plus a great assortment of handpicked styles from our Fall collection!

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CheshireGryn CheshireGryn 5 years
Last Saturday I wore slate gray cable knit tights with thick black legwarmers & black leather wedgie clogs. I added a pair of dangerously short shorts and a black & gray striped blazer over a paisley patterned ruffly top. Instantly famous! :-)
louispuggy louispuggy 5 years
so who's the winner??
Savantrice Savantrice 5 years
oh...can't forget textured tights with heavy shorts (wool maybe), a button down top and blazer!
Savantrice Savantrice 5 years
Mine is a sweater dress, textured tights and boots. oooorrrr...leggings with legwarmers over them with short boots so the legwarmer pattern peaks out...topped with a leather jacket
Linda2000 Linda2000 5 years
Textured tights with booties.
candes candes 5 years
My fav in trend look is black boots and a faux fur coat. Always looks so sleek and stylish!
louispuggy louispuggy 5 years
A Letter to Santa: Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas: 1. A new pair of gold hoop earrings 2. A new pair of long layered pearl necklace 3. A new long ivory wool sweater 4. A new black belt 5. A new pair of brown leggings from Chinese Laundry 6. Make that a dozen new pair of socks, tights, and leggings in every color, pattern and style from Chinese Laundry, one can’t have too many 7. A new pair of knee high black boots with faux fur 8. A new pair of ballet slippers in leopard print 9. A new hand bag, preferably brown leather Hobo 10. A new mini skirt 11. A new sweater dress 12. A new cardigan sweater 13. A new wool jacket 14. And most importantly a cold Fall weather, so I can wear all my new warm clothes with all my new Chinese Laundry socks, tights, and leggings everyday through the season. Remember Santa, I've been extra good this year. xoxo
bsurber bsurber 5 years
I love a great sweater dress that's right above the knee with a great pair of Chinese Laundry tights. Can't forget about the short Vince Camuto booties and of course the chunky necklace, bangle bracelets to top it off.
katykat1980 katykat1980 5 years
This is actually what I wore today :) Tailored shorts with sweater tights and booties, with a peach floral blouse and brown army jacket. I love the shorts + tights look. I also love knee length A-line skirts with tights and ballet flats. And knee high boots with tights AND contrasting knee socks peeking out the top of the boots. OK, I'll stop now :)
jmfolker jmfolker 5 years
My trend is a long sweater with a scarf.
michellebar michellebar 5 years
My trend tip is also a throw-back to the 90's fashion that is coming back into the picture...Get your favorite pair of jeans with the oh-so-carefully placed holes, or the thick leggings/jeggings with the decorative cutouts, and layer them OVER Chinese Laundry's tights. Adds a pop of color, keeps you extra warm, and lets you wear some of the more summery jeans and leggings year round!
Brown-Eyed-Susan Brown-Eyed-Susan 5 years
If I were a young, slender lass, I'd choose Chinese Laundry's schoolgirl purple plaid tights with a short black or purple pencil skirt , simple black patent flats, & matching or contrasting, black or purple, oversized cuddly, fat yarn sweater. This would really show off those stylin' tights & shapely legs!
Sam-Gordon Sam-Gordon 5 years
I'm all about a sweater dress with high boots with knee socks that are slightly visible...super cute!
Sam-Gordon Sam-Gordon 5 years
I'm all about a big sweater dress with high boots and knee socks that are slightly visible...super cute!
tom58 tom58 5 years
i love wearing high heeled boots with tights
lbriones24 lbriones24 5 years
I like to use leg warmers over my low boots!
wizardewu wizardewu 5 years
I like to wear tights and knee-high boots with a wool skirt and and long sweater.
ophelia1418 ophelia1418 5 years
I like to pair knee-high/over-the-knee socks in a complementary color with my boots and fold the top over the boot.
melan26 melan26 5 years
Tights is the way to go if you're wearing a very short dress or skirt at night.
houseofanais houseofanais 5 years
While outside I would add leg warmers to the look with boots to keep the cold away and then change inside to fab shoes and take leg warmers off
jlclark jlclark 5 years
I love to wear sweater tights in the fall and winter. Not only are they stylish, but they keep you warm when wearing skirts and dresses in the cold weather.
lilj427 lilj427 5 years
my on trend look is tights and boots with a oversized sweater
SCsense SCsense 5 years
Large neutral, plain sweater with colorful, textured tights and boots. Extremely comfortable and warm for fall and winter, maybe even spring!
nikkeeb nikkeeb 5 years
my on-trend look with tights is to take advantage of the bright color combos and colorblock your look with tights in a contrasting color from the rest of your outfit!
Dustik Dustik 5 years
I love this weather so I can wear my tights and boots. I pair them with my a sweater I borrow from my husbands closet. He grumples a bit until he see's how cute I look.
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