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World renowned cosmetic surgeon, Cynthia Boxrud, M.D. has invented an Anti-Wrinkle Pillow, $58, so that all of you sleeping beauties with big dreams will wake up looking gorgeous! Did you know that when you sleep, you might actually be creating wrinkles on your precious face? I sure didn't!

By definition, they are called compression wrinkles, which are fine lines that form on the skin when it is crushed or squeezed. Usually, the wrinkles form first around the eyes and wind up speeding up the development of crow's feet. In response to the thousands of patients that Dr. Boxrud has seen, she decided to invent a foam pillow to help minimize these common compression wrinkles.

The pillow has a big dip in the middle where your orbital area comfortably rests free from pressure.

I tried it last night and it definitely feels strange at first, but it's so soft on your face that it surprisingly also feels really good. I guess like any other type of change, the shape of it just takes some getting used to. I didn't wake up feeling any differently, but I also didn't have any ugly sleep marks on my face. Buona notte my bella donnas!

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