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The worst thing about trying to look great is it takes forever. I like the result but hate spending hours trying to make my skin, hair, nails, and makeup look perfect. Frankly, I have better things to do. My new favorite trend is multitasking beauty products. They help me look my best in minutes.

Hair Perfection in Minutes
Start with a multipurpose shampoo. When the weather decides to make drastic changes, my scalp tends to get dry. I hate dandruff-only shampoo because it does nothing for the rest of my hair. Look for products that cover all your major hair issues in one. Look for shampoos that are moisturizing and sulfate-free!

An Easy Skin Routine
I have absolutely fallen in love with makeup remover/exfoliating wipes. A wide variety of your favorite brands have some version of these. Simply remove a cloth, wipe off your makeup, and you're done. Look for wipes with vitamin E, aloe, and other nourishing ingredients for additional benefits.

Beautiful Allover Skin
I promised allover beauty, and voilà! Moisturizing body scrubs are absolutely incredible. If your skin isn't too sensitive, choose a perfumed one to exfoliate, moisturize, and perfume in one step.
[Is this a new paragraph?]I know I need to moisturize, but frankly, it takes far too long to dry. I found the perfect solution to my problem — in your shower, simply lather up with a skin-softening body cleanser. My product choice is Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash.