There's a great Mr. T Experience love song called "We Hate All the Same Things," and in my case, it's so true. Mr. Bella and I have bonded over, among other things, our deep dislike of feet. (Some people have fetishes; we have podiatry nightmares.) So keep that in mind as I reveal my confusion over Tintalize, a new concealer . . . for your feet. Egads!

Developed to hide scars, blisters, and any other foot faux pas, the gel-based concealer is waterproof and sweat-proof. It comes in seven shades to match light to dark skin tones, and although it's highly pigmented and blends well, I can't imagine needing this unless you were seriously self-conscious about your feet. Which I'm not, because, well, I avoid looking at feet at all costs. So tell me: Would you wear foot concealer?