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Tips For Avoiding Injuring Your Eyes With Eyeliner

Three Tips For Avoiding Eyeliner-Related Injuries

Hi gang, an extremely rueful Blondie Bella here. After a weekend of Halloween revelry, I'm currently laid up at home with a corneal abrasion. Apparently, all the Taylor Momsen glittery black eyeliner I kept rubbing on was seriously scratchy, despite its claims to the contrary, and got stuck under my contacts.

I feel like a huge stereotype (I mean, a beauty editor scratching her own eye out with sparkle liner? Seriously?), but to help you avoid my sad fate, I got some tips from my doctor on preventing common eyeliner-related injuries. So to find out if your liner could be leading you to a distinctly unromantic date with the opthamologist, just keep reading.

  • Glitter is not your friend: Don't make my mistake. Even if a product claims to be safe for eyes, particulate glitter isn't a good thing, especially if you wear contacts. Microglitter can easily get caught under them and irritate your eyes for hours. If you want shine, opt for shimmer liner instead.
  • Keep your liner pencils extra sharp: A soft, smudgy line from dull eye pencils may look good, but the closer your eye is to the wooden pencil casing, the more likely it is that tiny pieces of wood or paint flakes will fall into your eye. This can result in allergic reactions and scraping your cornea and eyelids.
  • If you wear contacts, order is important: It's just common sense to put your contacts in before you apply your makeup, but you should also always take your contacts out before you remove it. So remember: Lenses out first, then makeup remover.
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