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Tips For Styling Pixie Cuts

Help a Reader Out: What Are Your Short-Hair Styling Tips?

Oh no! Member Mippi just got a super-cute new pixie cut, but she tells the Problem Solved group that she has no idea how to style it. Think we can help a reader out? She says:

Two weeks ago I cut off all my hair. Chop! I love it, seriously. [The] problem is, I've had long hair for so long I don't know how to style it. I love punky, edgy, rocker-chick hair, but I also want versatility. Right now, though, all I seem capable of is looking like Sid Vicious, Sonic the Hedgehog, or my father in his high school portrait.

I've tried finding styling ideas online, but can't find too much, and what I've found are for bobs or don't seem to work for my amazingly fine-yet-copious hair. I'm this close to going to my amazing stylist and plunking down cash I don't have so she can teach me.


So, any suggestions on how to style a pixie?

Have some advice for Mippi? Help her out in the comments below, and while you're at it, be sure to see what else is going on in the BellaSugar Community. Join now, and perhaps we'll feature what you have to say right here on BellaSugar.

becca821 becca821 6 years
I have a pixie with fine curly hair. I add a leave-in conditioner on wet hair, and Ion heat protectant spay. Then I blow dry hair forward using a flat brush or fingers (for a more wavy look). When hair is dry I put in Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine (small amount) throughout hair, this keeps it from looking frizzy and adds shine and some separation. Then I add SexyHair soy paste to back to add some volume and to a few pieces to add more separation. That's for a casual everyday look. For a sleeker look I will use a mini flat iron, glossing cream and a shine spray and hair spray. You need to layer products and be careful not too over-do any particular one or your hair will look greasy. Just a dab and a spray go a long way on a pixie cut. If you want a really natural look, only apply the leave-in conditioner and then blow dry hair straight with a flat brush, and you'll get soft natural looking hair.
bengalspice bengalspice 7 years
I love Aveda! I totally support the video suggestion. You could also look at the Garnier Fructis site and the got2be site for ideas. I got most of my styling tips from those sites during college.
Sage-Eyes Sage-Eyes 7 years
Aveda has some styling videos on a shorter cut that would translate well for a pixi, I used their advice after i cut my hair off 2 weeks ago.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Oh yeah, and those big flower clips can look awesome when pinned to the side a la Billie Holiday. Non-hair things that I like better since having a pixie: strong eye makeup and awesome earrings!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
I have a pixie! However, my hair texture is different from yours (thick and wavy) so some of these techniques might not work. I totally agree with lo88 about the faux-hawk poof. It looks very rockabilly (not Snooki!). It's my favorite way to style it when I'm going out for a night on the town. It looks especially badass with a strong smoky eye. You need to have a bit of bang-length to do that, though, so if your pixie happens to be super short I suggest experimenting with some different pomades/waxes. My favorites to use are Murray's Light (uuuuuber cheap and greasier than the original, so it's more pliable; this specific pomade really brings out my natural curl; almost feels like a Vaseline/wax mixture), Garnier Surf Hair texture paste, and ShortSexyHair Frenzy Bulked Up Texture paste. Those are a few of my favorites, but I've noticed that people can be very picky & individual when it comes to pomades/waxes, so I suggest experimenting with some different ones to find your favorite. The great thing about texturizing pastes is that they can add good body and height to a pixie, as well as help you create a cool bedhead look. Now, this is going to sound kind of weird, but here is the process I use to get a classic, clean, mod look: when my hair is just towel-dried after the shower (so still damp), I make a deep side part and comb it down flat and straight. Then, I spray the SHIZ out of it with Aquanet and leave it to dry. When it dries, it will feel like a crispy helmut haha, but then brush it all out. The brushing breaks up the crispy texture so it doesn't look weird, but still leaves it straight and where I want it (like I said earlier, my hair is wavy and can get quite unruly). It leaves me with a cool mod style (will look just like old-school Twiggy!). I always opt for this style when I'm going for a dressier look. Slip a little rhinestone bobby pin on the side and you've got a clean-cut classy style :) I hope some of these tips work for you!
Raynne413 Raynne413 7 years
I currently have a pixie. It's actually really simple. I put styling wax on my hands (I use Aveda because it doesn't tend to be too heavy, don't use pommade or you'll weight your hair down), and just run my hands through my dried hair for a messy, textured look.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
I've sported a pixie-style haircut for over ten years. My tip is to find an EXCELLENT hairstylist who's good at precision hair cuts for your hair-type. In my opinion, there are very few out there. If a pixie hair cut is done well (technically and artfully, well-proportioned to your face and neck), it needs NO styling. Just wash and go.
KitKatie KitKatie 7 years
I love a pixie cut! I've got really straight, fine hair and have worn a pixie three different times in my life. Fine hair is actually great for a pixie as it'll move and lay well and won't be puffy or bulky. I think the best way to style a pixie is with a blowdryer and your fingers. Don't use a brush or anything, just aim the blowdryer and move your hair around until you like the way it lays. I always like to push my hair towards my face to dry it, it will lay better and look more like a pixie cut that way. The best finishing product that I have ever found for short hair is J Beverly Hills Sauvage- it's a fiber paste and it works really, really well on short hair (never use it on long hair, it's awful!) Just rub some between your palms and use it to piece your bangs and the wisps near your ears.... it's not greasy or gunky and won't weight fine hair down. Good luck and I'm sure your hair will turn out great!
bengalspice bengalspice 7 years
Solution is you come over finally and let me play with your hair :-P
smartypants68 smartypants68 7 years
I found that I really love the flat gives a new texture to the hair and lays it down nicely. For an added poof, lift up some hair at the top/back of skull, spray it then tease it down, then smooth Also use an aerated moose instead of regular moose because regular moose tends to weigh my hair down more then give it some lift. I know I love my short hair now..I didnt think I would be able to style it either, but it gets better every day.
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